12 Reasons Women Never Date Good Guys (2)

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In the part 1 of this article, we gave an insight into good guys and some of the reasons why women want to have nothing to do with such guys. Some of the reasons we gave are that they forget women have a sexual side to them, they have a somewhat passive nature and they seem ingenuine to mention a few. Some of the other reasons while they rank bottom of the food chain are

Doormats aren’t sexy
We all know shoes are wiped and cleaned over doormats at will and as such have not much of an appeal to anyone, same goes for a guy who agrees to everything a woman says and has no opinion whatsoever of his own. This fact makes good guys unattractive as they try to please the women at the detriment of airing their opinions. A guy that appears as one with a distinctive personality and airs his opinion at will is bound to attract more women than one who pretends to be cool with everything the woman he’s interested in throws at him.

Nice guys reek of desperation
The good guys come on too strong onto women and don’t get the hint to stop pushing. They begin to show signs of desperation after showing interest in a girl who isn’t interested in them. The right thing would be to accept the fact and either move on or stay as a friend but the good guys out of desperation hang around and become the guys that the girls tell their friends about with statements like “Ugh, you can’t believe what he said/did last night.”

They’re terrible in bed
Truth is the good guys put so much effort into getting laid but usually end up not knowing what to do. They mostly lack the confidence and the experience which goes with knowing the right things to do to ensure their women are fulfilled and satisfied sexually.

Nice guys want it to look like they’re dating a girl when they actually aren’t
Good guys want every Tom, Dick and Harry to know how much of a good-natured person they are and as a result bring their drama to social media by tagging their love interest and spewing the things they did and what they are about to do. It’s sometimes not about the fact that they want to spend their time with that special person but about the image they are trying to portray and making the world think they are dating a girl.

They make women question if they’re someone we can rely on to protect us
A lot of women will agree that even the most independent and self-sufficient woman would love to be with a guy who she feels safe around. Women want a man who would be able to protect them, should the need ever arise such as if a guy is spewing rubbish at them, if their man would be able to stand up to their defence. Good guys rarely fall in this category.

It’s quite easy to lose interest in a nice guy
Despite the fact that women may find good guys attractive with a bit of sexual chemistry and fun to be with initially, they ultimately end up losing interest in them. Good guys are mostly boring and have little to keep the initial sparks and fire burning. In short, most are boring.

Nice guys see the friend zone as punishment
The good guys will always find a way to remind their female friends that they are just friends. They find it difficult to fathom that people of the opposite sex can actually enjoy each others company and be nothing more than friends without the attachment of any sexual element.

Just because a woman doesn’t want to date a nice guy, doesn’t mean she only dates jerks
Women want men that would be able to make them understand when they are going wrong from time to time. Simply put, they want someone that would be confident and assertive. This doesn’t mean they want a man that will walk all over them as a fine line exist between a guy who would care for his girlfriend and one who would allow her walk all over him.




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