12 Reasons Women Never Date Good Guys (1)

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Good guys are the best you can wish or think for several reasons but unfortunately, they never seem to hit the right chords with the ladies. This is so despite their calm and understanding nature which most women seem to misinterpret as a sign of weakness. Different women have different reasons for wanting to embark on a relationship with a guy. This may range from the simple to the seemingly bizarre. For instance, some women date some guys for money and security while others date men for their physical appearance and nature.

However, the good guys fall short in the scale of preference of women in general for some inexplicable reasons. Some of these reasons are:

They completely forget women have a sexual side to them
Good guys a lot of the time see women as friends and confidante whom they can pour out their minds to while completely forgetting that they have a sexual side to them. The sexual side is where the bad guys get it easy as they have a some level of mastery when it comes to that. Good guys fail to realise that being nice is not enough to get the girls and is never enough for a girl to want to date you. As a good guy, you need to understand that it takes a whole lot of other qualities and factors to make dating occur or create any form of sexual chemistry.

They don’t always go for the nice girls either
This is perhaps the albatross of good guys. The nice guys always seem to find it difficult to go for the nice girls perhaps due to the natural law of attraction of “opposites attract”. If the good guys ever think of dating the nice girls, it might be for what you’d never expect – sex. That’s mostly because they do not see any nice girl as one they can introduce to their friends and family, mostly because they have an unreal expectation that their being nice is enough to get them the woman of their dreams.

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They are aggressive in a passive way
Nice guys usually expect women to have an inkling of the way they feel and as such find it difficult to express themselves or say the things going on through their minds. It is normal to hear the good guys complain about how they feel they are being used by the girls they like but the fact is they are mostly scared to take a stand by letting them know how they feel, what their stands are on issues and what they expect from the women in general.

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They seem completely ingenuine
The fact that a lot of good guys are fond of acting as if everything is OK all the time even when they are facing serious challenges make the ladies wary of them. The fact is everyone has bad days, just as everyone has made mistakes sometimes in the past. It is somewhat difficult to relate with someone who is perceived as one who hasn’t passed through any form of struggle in their lives. Even if as a guy, you appear as someone who has gone through quite a bit of travails but fail to reveal some of those obstacles you’ve passed through either in your professional or personal life, it would seem as if you’re fake and hiding some serious stuffs.

The only guy who would label himself a nice guy is one who is reflecting on an excuse about why he doesn’t get the things he wants
The ladies don’t want you to grumble or constantly make excuses for why you’re not able to get the things you want or achieve your set goals. A girl doesn’t want a guy that takes her out but becomes pissed if he’s not able to get her in bed at the end of the outing or one that gives her gifts while expecting to get something in return (usually sex-related). Actions like these negates the good guy that was initially portrayed from the beginning. It’s great to keep it at the back of your mind that doing something nice for someone doesn’t necessarily make them obligated to want to date you or have sex with you.

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