10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 To 100 (2)

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In the part one of the 10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 to 100, we gave an insight into how you can get the desired sexual experience you want. The part 2 continues in the same vein with other important tips to achieving your desires.

Breathe well and perform some kegel exercises.

Tweaking yourself both mentally and physically would have an unbelievable effect on your sex life. Some exercises exist to help you achieve the best in your sex life as they can help you relax by strengthening your muscles for the activity ahead. Sex can be enjoyed more by focusing on the way you breathe. Ensure you take deep breathes intermittently and free your mind off disturbing thoughts. “Women can instantly enjoy sex more if they focus on their breath for as little as 30 seconds. More so, the kegel muscle exercises are magical as they can help strengthen your pelvic muscles and reduce anxiety. The tension in the pelvis floor can serve as a distraction to thoughts of climaxing sooner than expected and help increase the pleasure you feel.

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Quality is more important than quantity.

A lot of people worry more about the fact that they aren’t having enough sex rather than how orgasmic their sexual experiences should be. As a matter of fact, you should be more concerned with quality as against quantity. There is no specified amount of times you should have sex per week but you should think more about the kind of sex you’d really enjoy having. Ask yourself and your partner the kind of sex you want and think of how good it will make you feel. Intimacy and incredible encounters should be the watch word not a handful of better forgotten experiences.

Rediscover your sexy self.

Insecurity and fear regarding your appearance or sexual abilities will only kill your vibe. To become confident and have a positive mindset, it’s ideal to think of moments in your life when you were most confident and sexy. It could be when you were most happy, strong or empowered. Irrespective of what it was, try and relived what worked in the past and you’d rediscover the awesome sex part lying beneath.

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Be a little unconventional.

Allow your mind think of crazy and unconventional things. You can make a list of fantasies you’d love to have so as to make a reference to when the opportunity arises. Some of these fantasies may include watching porn together or self-stimulation in your partners presence. Truth is there’s hardly anyone that orgasms by imagining holding hands with their partners. No matter how weird your fantasies may be, it doesn’t mean you aren’t loyal to your partner it means you’re human.

Make a sexual bucket list.

Just as you’d like to make a list of all the important things you’d love to do in your life, you can try making a list of things you’d love to do while making out. You can try making a checklist of the things you and your partner intend to try out both in and outside the bedroom. You both can then go ahead to set out dates for the activities then anticipate. You can also try being spontaneous by making out outside of the bedroom as certain sexual moves would require a different place to be fully enjoyed.

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See Sex as a pleasurable gift not as hectic chore.

Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship but you shouldn’t get all hungered up about how much energy you need to put into it. See your body and that of your partner as a playground to be explored. Seeing sex as some sort of gift from your partner can have an immense psychological effect all round. Get rid of the thought that you must achieve orgasm but instead enjoy and spend time exploring and enjoying the intimacy of each other.




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