10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 To 100 (1)

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There comes a time when your sex life becomes somewhat boring perhaps because you’re passing through some form of stress or the other. It is important you consider sex as an important ingredient necessary for the survival of your relationship or marriage that you notice a decline in your normal sexual activities. For this reason, if you find out that your libido is at an all time low and you’re looking to bolster your sex life in general look no further as we bring 10 sex tips guaranteed to take your sex life from 0 to 100 real quick.

Rethink how you define sex.

Getting too caught up in what your sex life should be like is a common thing for people but if you decide to open up your mind and talk about the things you think would make your sex life awesome. Truth is you and your spouse can have very intimate and loving connection when it comes to eroticism and sex which can help the both of you achieve orgasm. It is easier for some people to achieve orgasm while having sex in a mechanical and uninteresting manner. Some people on the other hand may achieve orgasm sparsely and some form of dislike and discomfort with penetration (especially women). These people may however enjoy the closeness and intimacy that comes with cuddling and physical contact. For this reason, it’s better you don’t put yourself in anyone’s shoes when it comes to accepting what they determine as awesome sex. Carve out your niche. Other people may orgasm infrequently, or dislike penetration, but love the intimacy and physical closeness they share with their partner. As such. Lot of things can count for wonderful sexual experiences from lying in bed with someone you care for to intimate and erotic kisses and smooching provided that’s what you want it to be.

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Let go of some of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying.

In recent times, it’s become normal for people to multitask by juggling so many things together at once. At other times we are much too busy with our lives and getting to the top of our careers that we forget to stop and take those short breaths and rest which are essential for other areas of our existence such as our sex life. The truth is when it comes to sexual activity, it is essential you allow your partner access to the deepest parts of the gender they belong to. Let the man be masculine and the female feminine as this would help both partners open up themselves to what their partners intend to give. Even though this seems old fashioned and perhaps sexist, it’s actually a way to bring out the best of you both.

Try out a sex diet.

A lot of people know the kind of negative things that come with some of our regular diets and how difficult it is to stay off a particularly harmful diet once one is addicted to it. This may somewhat apply to sex and a good way of having an excellent sex life is to try taking off sometime from having sex. This sounds odd but actually taking a three or four week break from sex would be a good way for you to reconnect and discover new ways of satisfying yourself and your partner sexually. Trying out the no sex rule would help you to learn once again, how to turn your partner on and get them to that orgasmic state including the fact that it will help you introduce newer ideas into love making. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But trying this out will sure help your sex life.

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Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible.

The power of a neat and clean environment can never be underestimated. As such it is important you make your environment as comfortable as possible for sex, as it may be the factor that would make the difference between sleeping off the minute you hit the bedroom or going through some much needed action. You can try clearing out anything not related to sex from your bedroom such as paper work from your office and toys of your kids. Create a sexual atmosphere by lighting candles and playing nice R&B music to set the tone for some awesome sex. Try out new ideas when it comes to making the bedroom environment sexy as this as an effect on your mind and boosts your drive for sex. This is generally good for your relationship or marriage.

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