10 Things Your Man Is Secretly Hoping You’d Try Out During Sex (2)

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We talked about five of the things your man is hoping and dying to see you try out in bed. These things are guaranteed to spice up your relationship and marriage as you and him are bound to gain some sort of equal pleasure from such things. Some other things to try out to ‘wow’ your man are discussed below.

Slow down

I think everyone can relate to this. That point where you’re tired, exhausted and can’t wait to get it over with. Perhaps you’re caught up in the euphoria of the moment and your body and mind simply respond to lovemaking by going fast. Reducing the tempo can have a powerful effect. We love to have a feel of everything and savour the moment. If you’re performing oral sex, take it slow and allow the sensations run all the way to his head. Tease him as you do so before going fast. Starting mildly from the onset and ending in a fast climax is a technique that would assuredly blow his mind.

Get frisky anywhere but in bed

Just as women have crazy fantasies, so do we men. We fantasise about making out in different places asides the bedroom. Truth is routine sex is ideal and should be confined to the bedroom and the natural innate adventurous being in men want something different from that from time to time and this is actually a good thing for the relationship in general. Try different areas of your home such as on top of a rug, the bathroom, kitchen and what have you. You can also consider the couch in the sitting room provided the distraction of the television is nonexistent.

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Show off your acting chops

A lot of men, including the married and unmarried are bothered about the fact that they might get bored with having sex with just one woman. Role playing can play a crucial role in solving this problem. Switch roles with your partner and this will help to increase dopamine- a hormone responsible for arousal. It also effectively helps in sexual attachment so that even when you switch roles, the sense of closeness is retained.

Let him dominate you

Couples routinely get into the sexual mood following a calendar like way. This may occur in such a way that it is every night at the same place and position. And even though your partner may not make any move whatsoever to break the routine, he actually wants the power to control, change and turn things around. Get out one of his silk ties, have him bind your hands together, and let him take it from there. Chances ate you won’t regret it.

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Do something taboo

A lot of men want to break from the norm and do things that are otherwise out of the ordinary. Men want to participate in acts that seem forbidden and exposes both his vulnerability and yours and as such he looks forward to experiencing it but lacks the will to suggest it because he is scared of offending you. If you are the type that is adventurous and loves experimenting, and you think your partner would enjoy things being turned on their heads, initiate a conversation or move that will trigger something forbidden.




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