10 Things Your Man Is Secretly Hoping You’d Try Out During Sex (1)

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If you could read the human mind, there are a whole lot of pleasant and unpleasant things lying there. People find it difficult to express their inner fantasies to the opposite sex maybe because they are shy or feel uncomfortable telling their spouses such. With a bit of research that I’ve done through consultation with an array of male friends and experts, a lot of guys do have some form of fantasy they wish to live. But one striking feature is that a lot of them aren’t that comfortable with theatrical and weird acts. Rather, a lot of men appeared to live and crave simplicity in the bedroom. Most just want some form of intimacy during sex coupled with their spouses spoiling them.

Guys are wonderful and babyish creatures and these facts are evident in the kind of things they require in the bedroom.

Do it with the lights on

If you’re married, chances are as a woman you’d be worried of the perception your husband has of your post-breast-feeding boobs. It could also be you’ve got concern of what he thinks of your C-section scar or maybe a time would come when his love and attraction towards you will depreciate because you think you’re not as pretty as you used to be. But the truth is men hardly ever take note of your perceived physical flaws. We tend to become aware of them when you become so preoccupied with them or go to extreme lengths to cover up the flaw. In truth, we are visual creatures but this mostly has nothing to do with your flaw but has more to do with wanting to see your moves in the bedroom with little or no clothes on. We are happy knowing that we can satisfy you sexually, which happens to be our main focus, not how much you’ve changed. Thus, allow your man see all of you.

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Touch yourself

A lot of women and men may find this embarrassing but heat what some of us have to say about this. Men are very much turned on with the confidence exuded by a woman who can connect with her sexuality. In some ways, it’s as if you’re giving your husband or spouse some form of private show and he’d be very much turned on when he sees the pleasure on your face as you do so. Moreover, it also provides him an in depth understanding of where and how you’d like to be touched. That’s two gifts for the price of one- turn on and learning how to get you to cloud 9.

Use your mouth

Isn’t this fact obvious? I doubt the fact that we men love getting blow jobs cannot be overemphasised. In fact, we enjoy it more when our partners take it upon themselves without us having to ask or beg for it. Thus, go ahead and surprise your man today not just because it’s his birthday, an anniversary or because you lost a bet, do it just because you want to ‘wow’ him.

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Be vocal

Don’t get us wrong here, it’s not like we are suggesting those evidently fake moans reminiscent of porn movies, but we are happy to know you are enjoying yourself as much as we are too. It’s not that you have to talk vulgar or dirty as commands like statements can make us freeze up. We’d prefer you tell us when you like the things we do to you. You might start thinking what is the essence of the “oohs” and “ahhs” after all these years, since he most likely knows the things that gets you in the mood. Nonetheless, try and be vocal and allow him grasp you and you just might be surprised by how much he enjoys the excitement you bring to him.

Focus on his sensitive spots

Men don’t have that much sensitive spots and focusing on them would do you both a lot of good. Spots like his nipples and the tip of his penis are areas that should be paid special attention. Give him touches that would leave him asking for more and speechless.

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