10 Myths About The Human Body That Are Completely False

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Every part of the world has one form of myth or the other regarding the human race and especially the human body. Some of these myths are lies which because they had stayed for so long have become so widespread that people have become to see them as truths. A lot of us have come across these myths which more often than not have been portrayed and depicted in movies and everyday life which adds to the air of factual truths surrounding them. However, most of them are untrue.
It is important for people to be able to distinguish and differentiate between myths and facts. As such, here are 13 of the top myths you probably thought were true but are actually lies.

Drowning has mostly been depicted as a violent struggle for survival. However, drowning victims actually lose a lot of energy and most get to pass out before they have a chance to put up a struggle or shout for help.

8 Glasses of water
The age long myth that 8 Glasses of water a day is the daily requirement for every individual is far from the truth. The quantity of water required by every individual varies from one person to the other just as it depends on an array of factors. These factors include the weight of the individual, the kind of lifestyle the person indulges in and the kind of environment the person finds themselves in.

Common cold
The age long belief that taking antibiotics will cure the common cold is totally false. The common cold is caused by a Rhinovirus. Thus, the common cold are mostly caused by viruses than they are by bacteria.

The myth that redheads will go extinct is very much unfounded even though there is a drastic reduction in the number of redheads that are currently living in the world. Fact is redheads can only become extinct only if all the current redheads in the world stop reproducing or die in one fell swoop.

It has been said a lot of times in the past that Eating within an hour before swimming would cause muscle cramps. This is however not true as there is no fact to back it up that eating right before swimming does not increase the chances of muscle cramps.

Scientists are of the belief that humans have much more senses than is previously thought. It is commonly believed that humans have 6 senses but scientists now believe that humans may have as much as 20 senses.

Resistance to Antibiotics
The thought that people randomly develop resistance to antibiotics they’ve been on for quite some time on their own is wrong. Rather, it is a culmination of the mutation of the bacteria and the kind of synergistic effect that different antibiotics type creates.

Hair and Fingernails
Contrary to popular belief, the hair and fingernails of humans do not continue to grow after the death of a person. They may appear to grow because of the withering away of the skin close to the base of the nails which may them appear longer.

Sugar Rush in Children
Nursing mothers and people generally think that children taking a high amount of sugar would increase hyperactivity in children, there is however no evidence to support such claims.

Blue Veins
Despite the fact that veins may appear to be blue, they contain red blood.

Dairy products
The myth that excessive consumption of dairy products such as eggs and milk will result in increased mucus production is false and unfounded.

Swallowed Chewing Gum
Unlike the common saying goes, it doesn’t take 7 years for chewing gum to digest as it follows the normal digestive process.

Sex and athletic performance
The age long myth that sex is detrimental to athletic activity is unfounded as no evidence exists to support such claims.



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