Yeloto African Children Foundation Changes The Lives Of 9 Families

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This year (2015) children’s day was a turning point in the lives of some families as YELOTO AFRICAN CHILDREN FOUNDATION was there to ease their pains in its capacity.


Nine (9) families benefited financially from the foundation by receiving cheques to cover surgeries for their babies at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, Lagos.

Hospital equipment’s was also donated to the teaching hospital by the foundation.

The Arrows of God orphanage, located in Ajah, Lagos was also visited by YELOTO, where a children’s party was organized to celebrate childrens day.






Dr. Oluyemi Olawaiye, founder of YELOTO foundation in his speech said

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nutured as they are the future of our nation.  Children’s day celebration teaches us several important values,  it is a call for us adults to protect our little ones from all harms. This day invites us to give love and affection to our children.  Part of showing love is why they are not in school today.

Today, children are selling various products on most of our major roads today for little to no pay. This act should really be illegal. Children of school age (primary and secondary) should be within the four walls a school within the hours 8am and 2pm when most schools let out their kids.
According to statistics, as many as 10.5 million children are out of school as we speak, the figures i just quoted were gathered in 2013.

According to UNICEF, 40% of Nigerian children aged 6-11 do not attend any primary school with the Northern region recording the lowest school attendance rate in the country, particularly for girls. We as a country must endeavor to do better.

On a final note, our children are the future of this nation and the hope for tomorrow. We need to do better by providing for them and protecting them. Adults can re- learn a thing or two from children like humility, innocence, love, ability to trust and purity of the heart.”


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