What I Spied When I Saw Spy

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I have decided that whatever movie involving Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy is a must watch.

I was prepared for comedy and action and I got exactly that. Melissa McCarthy can do no wrong. She was awesome in The Heat and delivered that same dose of awesomeness and more in Spy.

She partnered so well with Jason Statham and Jude Law. Jason was different in this action flick, funny also, Jason wasn’t his usual self. Statham was a klutz and awesome klutz who showed us that even if he didn’t show his Expendable-esque kind of stuff, he will still be awesome.

I know I keep saying awesome, that’s because the movie was different shades of awesome.

A character to watch out for is Aldo. His scenes were the funniest by a mile, he really just showed us that being improper can be absolutely funny. He just kept grabbing Melissa in odd places.

First time I’m seeing this actor, Jude Law, he played Bradley Fine and would probably make an awesome James Bond. Spy followed the James Bond theme in a way, like a cover of a James Bond movie. Only funnier. Bradley Fine was awesome also.

In fact the whole cast delivered like DHL.

Melissa McCarthy was just at the top of her game. She had a not do major role early on in the movie, where she was the voice in Bradley Fine’s ear, then matured into a bigger role, her transformation was seamless, flawless and awesome. She was in the thick of the action and pulled off a move someone of her body mass should have a problem with (let it not be said I called her fat).

All I’m saying though us that Spy is that movie you can watch over and over again and it will still have you doubling over in laughter.



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