What A Man’s Shoes Say About His Personality (1)

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A man’s shoes are inarguably one of the most important fashion accessories he wears. Just as the eyes are a window to the soul, so are shoes a window to his personality. As a man, the kind of shoe you choose to put on your feet provides an opportunity for people to decipher the kind of person you are. Wearing socks with sandals could give off a lazy personality or an untied sneakers could make you look like one that is oblivious.

More so, it has been said more often than not that women tend to judge men’s shoes much more than men judge female shoes, thus, it is essential for you as a guy to step up your game. Even though you may not realise it, these are the things your shoe says about you.


Vans are mostly low maintenance shoes and as such gives you off as someone with an easy going personality. However, it may also reflect you as someone who is absentminded because of your free nature and as such, it won’t be a surprise if you’re a serial latecomer who cares little about arriving early to work or events.

Desert Boots

desert boots
Desert boots mostly come in suede ankle forms and have been trendy of late (even though they’ve been around for a long while). Desert boots are grossly understated even as they provide a masculine feel while understating typical male aggressiveness. These boots show that the man pays attention to details but is not the flashy type.

Driving Mocs

driving mocs
The moccasin is stylish and shows that the wearer knows his style but it radiates the wearer as a person of high maintenance. The very smooth leather and suede material used for the shoe do require a sizable amount to maintain and care for.

Black Dress Shoes

black dress shoes
The black dress shoe reflects a personality of a person with self respect and who has all the grounds covered. The wearer respects himself and hopefully will show everyone including friends and acquaintances the same level of respect.

Rainbow Flip-Flops

Flip-Flops otherwise known as slippers are laid back shoes and they usually signal the wearer as someone with a high level of chill and very much little care of what the world thinks. Their personality is of one that doesn’t conform to the dictates and pressures of society even when doing so might be for their own good.


These shoes are worn by personalities that want to look tough even though they aren’t that rough. They are best worn for hiking and long treks but are very much fashionable in the modern world.

Sperry Boat Shoes

Mostly worn by traditional guys, the Sperry Boat Shoes reflect a personality of someone conformed with following in his father’s footsteps. These guys basically wear the same type of shoes they’ve worn all through their young age to adulthood.


Not too sound judgemental or anything of such, guys that down Merrells only show that their mothers do their shopping.

Air Jordans

Guys that are Air Jordan Freaks are committed to the brand and may just be to you too. They may however miss subtly important events such as birthdays and anniversaries in order to get their favourite brand whenever it’s just released.


Converse shoes demonstrates the young at heart nature the wearer possesses. Such people don’t take themselves too seriously and you aren’t expected to do same too.

Lace-Up Oxfords

Lace-Up Oxfords
These shoes are solid and mostly worn by responsible and business like men. Wearers dress up like true gentlemen and it is hoped that they are through and through.

Retro Nikes

Retro Nikes
The wearer tries the much he can not to be obvious about how much he places premium on his appearance but he really does want to always look cool and trendy. And the best part is he is really excellent at it.

Sandals With Socks

Sandals With Socks
Talk about very silly and lazy look and this cuts it completely. The wearer obviously didn’t get the memo that this form of appearance is totally unacceptable and this may make you wonder more what other things he has missed.

To be continued….



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