We Don Catch Am! Court Orders South Africa To Detain Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir

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A Pretoria high court has ordered South Africa to arrest and prevent Sudan president Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir from leaving the country.

Bashir was in South Africa for an African Union leaders summit, and a court order has now prevented him from leaving the nation.

According to the United Nations, Bashir was responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 people at the hands of militia, and was indicted in 2009 and 2010 by the International Criminal Court.

The application to detain Bashir was filed by a legal and human rights group, the South African Litigation Center at the high court in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital.

An order was then given by judge Hans Fabricius, stating that Bashir is not allowed to leave the country before a court hearing on Monday.

The order read: “President Omar al-Bashir is prohibited from leaving the Republic of South Africa until a final order is made in this application and the respondents are directed to take all the necessary steps to prevent him from doing so.” The respondents included South Africa’s Home Affairs department and police.




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