USA: Jeb Bush Declares For President, Says ‘America Deserves Better’

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Jeb Bush drops out of US presidential race

A son and brother to former American Presidents, Jeb Bush has formally declared himself as the most accomplished candidate for the White House job come 2016, vowing to wage war on Washington’s political culture and insisting that his family name gave him no unique claim to the Oval Office.


According to New York Times, Mr. Bush directly confronted the central doubt looming over his candidacy, that he presents the latest incarnation of a tired dynasty and thinks himself entitled to the Republican nomination.

Speaking to a crowd of 3,000 supporters in a community college’s gymnasium, he said, “Not a one of us deserves the job by right of résumé, party, seniority, family or family narrative, it’s nobody’s turn. It’s everybody’s test.”

Mr Bush tried as much as possible to distinguish himself as an executive animated by big ideas and uniquely capable of carrying them out, pointing to his record in Florida of introducing a taxpayer-financed school voucher program, expanding charter schools, reducing the size of the state government by thousands of workers and cutting taxes by billions.

He furthermore went after Hillary Rodham Clinton mocking her and then belittling some of his most credible Republican opponents in Washington as unseasoned managers, he said “no-suspense primary.”

“the presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next,” he said.

“There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd or filing an amendment and calling that success,” Mr. Bush said. “As our whole nation has learned since 2008, executive experience is another term for preparation, and there is no substitute for that.”

In declaring his presidential bid before a cheering crowd at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus, he promised to remove Washington as an obstacle to effective government and economic prosperity, saying, “America deserves better.”

Mr. Bush, whose tenure as governor of Florida was marked by the privatization of traditional state services, vowed to “take Washington — the static capital of this dynamic country — out of the business of causing problems.”

He called upon his record of ambitious, conservative-minded change as Florida’s chief executive. “I know we can fix this,” Mr. Bush said. “Because I’ve done it.”



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