Toke Makinwa’s Husband, Maje Ayida Allegedly Impregnates Ex-Girlfriend

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Toke Makinwa‘s husband, Maje Ayida, has reportedly impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon.

According to a report by SDK, Ayida had been dating Solomon for the past 8 years, while he was also dating Makinwa.

He reportedly ended the relationship when he got married to the OAP, but has apparently returned to it and impregnated her.

Anita is reportedly in the UK to have the baby, while Ayida is said to have broken the news to Makinwa and asked for her forgiveness.

This is sad! What do you think she should do?



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  1. I think she should cut his lil man off!! You can’t get it right with men…. No career they complain you have one they complain. She should be strong and anything she wants to do we her virtual friends support her including of she wants to stay with the idiot. I love you Tokstarr.

  2. I think she should cry out her anguish then take paradol extra. Thereafter, she should be truthful to herself in answering the question “do I think he can do such again”? If yes, she should move on, if no..she should stay with the guy and forgive.

  3. lets face facts, the guy was always lonely and toke was always up and about going to events and neglecting her home front .

  4. As painful as it is, I think she neglected her marriage. All those occasional instagram love post don’t keep a man. If this is true then it would be really bad for her because all those vlogs about how to spot a bad guy would be a waste. Too bad. I’ll cry for her. That’s the least I can do.

  5. Shei.. U might be right.. Sorry for her Sha… And to Ayide why didn’t you just marry ur ex.. Since she is better on bed. .. I don’t even understand you brother

  6. This myt be true.. Sorry for her Sha… But Ayide why didn’t you marry your ex.. Since she was better on bed… I don’t understand you sef..

  7. Why won’t he impregnate another woman? Can someone really explain why a married woman would put her career first? All the glamour nonsense….I want to be on TV rubbish. He sought solace elsewhere. Not a good thing to do as a married man but she was a major part of the problem. Fake girl. Spend time with your man and start having kids. Complete silliness!

  8. Peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I hail o , we Nigerians can judgeeeeeeeeeeeee. So, it’s Tokes fault now that she has a career and she’s not always depending on her man for every of her needs. So because she married, sheshould stay at home and nurse her husband so that he will not jump into skirts with other women? Look, let’s call a spade a spade. That guy is not worth her tears at all. And to be factual, Toke saw the signs (the guy having an affair with someone else whilst dating Toke). She erased the sign in thinking her love for him would make him stop his relationship with the other girl. Toke, as much as I like ur personality, you caused ur self this pain by marrying a cheat. Entering a marriage believing for example that a cheat, liar, thief would change even if the other party gives his/her all is a fiction. It’s only God Almighty and difficult situations that can change a human being. Ur being married to a cheat no matter how much love or card will not change that person. Take heart and think of want out of life. I wish I all the best.

    1. Rubbish comment. All she wanted was to date a rich guy. Heard of her stories even seeing some of my personal friends. She’s after the money isn’t it. But wait a minute, didn’t she snatch another woman’s man? Karma isn’t it? I have no clue what people see in the girl. Just an irritant. And i’m not jealous. I’m far better looking and intelligent than her. Media personality my ass. Get a real job!

  9. @ Lucy from your statements you are so freaking jealous. Sometimes being beautiful has nothing to do with looks but a sound mind and character. The way you talk leaves a big question mark about yourself.

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