Taylor Swift: Kendall Jenner Never Apologised To Me For Dating Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner are reportedly not even speaking to each other at the moment.

The two, who used to be real good friends, but their issues reportedly started after Kendall dated Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, in 2013.

“Harry’s always been the biggest issue between them,” a source told OK magazine. “Taylor thinks it was completely disrespectful for Kendall to be hooking up with Harry after he broke Taylor’s heart.”

According to the magazine, Kendall isn’t too fond of the Blank Space singer anyways.

“Kendall thinks Taylor’s too full of herself and a control freak,” the magazine reported. “She thinks Taylor plays people against each other. She’s happy to steer clear of her mean-girl games.”

But in a chat with HollywoodLife, a source revealed that Taylor thinks Kendall is the mean one as she never apologized for dating the One Direction member.

The source said:

“Taylor has no idea why Kendall would think she is a mean girl. If anything, Taylor thinks Kendall needs a serious lesson or two in the girl code department. For starters, don’t date your friends’ exes! Taylor has little patience for people who don’t respect the meaning of friendship. She feels like if Kendall really valued their friendship, she would have never stabbed her in the back by dating Harry. It was a real low blow and till this day, Kendall has never apologized.”

What do you think? Is Taylor Swift right to hold out for an apology?




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