Sound Sultan Explains Why He Bought Into Basketball Team, Lagos Islanders

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Singer Sound Sultan has spoken about his involvement with basketball franchise, Lagos Islanders.

In September 2014, the team’s owner, Akinseku Damoye had revealed that the Bushmeat singer would be joining the team’s owners.

In an interview with NET, Sultan confirmed that he was just a part of the owners, not the sole owner.

“This time around a group of young men came together with the aim of taking basketball in Nigeria to another level and get new converts to buy into the basketball industry. So for us, we have a man called Damoye who was the incumbent owner of the team, we have Ugo Udeze, Tajudeen Sulaiman and myself. I actually used to play for Dordan Warriors. So we all came together like Voltron and we all have our strong points. Damoye has owned the team for the past 8 years and he understands the politics involved in the industry and he guides us in the right direction, Ugo Udeze is the only certified African Agent in the NBA as one of us, he understands the level at which the NBA operates and can infuse into the Nigerian industry as well.”

He however didn’t say how much he put into the team, saying he did it for the passion and not monetary value.

“If you look at me I don’t ever put monetary values on anything I do because you can’t monetise me. For me, whatever I do be it my cars, house, I don’t have to tell you how much I bought it because it’s passion driven.”

The franchise has attracted a lot of interest since Sultan joined the team, with celebrities like Ice Prince, Agbani Darego and Caroline Danjuma having been spotted at the team’s Landmark Centre.



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