Sahara TV ‘s Adeola Cancels Her Show After The ‘Robert Mugabe interview’

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Adeola of Sahara Reporters has ended her show ”Keeping it real” after ‘verbally attacking’  Zimbabwean President ,Robert Mugabe in Nigeria.

During the presidential inauguration on May 29th,Adeola ambushed Mugabe as he left the venue,she started by asking him when he would step down.

When he failed to respond, she told him he needed to step down because he was already too old. She said there is no democracy in Zimbabwe and he can’t be ruling for 32 years.

Some supported and hailed her but majority of those who viewed the video called it rude and unprofessional. She says she is ending her show because of the back lash.

If you missed it,watch below



Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. Probable get facts first and more professionalism would help. No such thing as Zimbabwean Rand. U can correct that too. I wondered whether you were practicing journalism or some other intentions on Mugabe. Whether you think Mugabe is a dictator or not, I think that’s debatable, your opinion and Zimbabwean to determine. West has tried to destabilize Zimbabwe and Mugabe has so far hold the country together through democratic means not the claims and fabrication propaganda you making. You appeared to be aiding western interest. Only Zimbabweans can make those claim that Mugabe is a dictator, old, step down, democratic and not you. You forgot your duty as a journalist is to investigate and report and not to confront. Perhaps you could change your career to activist.

  2. Zimbabwean Rand… what the f*ck… can she even point Zimbabwe on the African Map. And the editors of this “TV station” couldn’t pick that “mistake”…

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