Sahara Reporters Says Senate President “Saraki Is Not Even A Nigerian Citizen”

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New York-based Nigerian online publication, Sahara Reporters have accused the President of the Senate of not being a Nigerian citizen while describing him as a thief as well.

Saharareporters on Sunday took to Facebook to declare that Senate President, Bukola Saraki is not a Nigerian via a photo captioned “Bukola Saraki: The President of the Nigerian Senate Is not Even A Nigerian Citizen.”

SR Saraki


Saraki SR 2



Saraki SR 3



Saraki SR 4



Saraki SR 5


Contained also among the series of documents released by the online tabloid which revealed that the former Kwara state governor was accused of theft by the police in 1990.

How I Escaped Plot To Abduct Me – Bukola Saraki

The documents were captioned, “Some police officers found out that Bukola Saraki, who is Nigeria’s Senate President, was a petty thief as of 1990, he was actually charged with theft of N510,000 at Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria. The officers warned in a report that Saraki was about to liquidate the bank by looting it, but no one listened until his siblings, cronies and relatives eventually did.”




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