Rob Kardashian Is Spotted On A Burger Run And It Seems Like He Has Gained More Weight

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When Rob Kardashian steps out these days, it is big news.

And that’s not a surprise because he has withdrawn from appearing on his famous family’s hit show, has raised questions over the past year on his emotional stability and is a great source of concern to his famous mother, Kris Jenner.

So when he stepped out to get burger on Wednesday night, photos of him became of much interest to the general public.

Rob Kardashian Rob Kardashian 2 Rob Kardashian 3

Rob might not be getting a lot of pity from big sister, Kim, who has called him the “King of Excuses” on the show but he is clearly scaring his mother who has said she is worried he might die.

Good thing he is staying off the camera and away from the spotlight while all of the drama is being sorted though.



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