Rick Ross’ Ex Is Dragging 50 Cent In Court For Allegedly Releasing A Sex Tape About Her

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Well, we are sure 50 Cent knows for a fact that having a baby by him isn’t the only way to become an instant millionaire.

Suing him and winning kinda also counts.

The Rapper and businessman is currently being dragged in court by his long standing Rap rival, Rick Ross’ ex and baby mama in court and the reason is quite simple – Fitty bought a sex tape that has Rozay’s ex Lastonia Leviston and used it to drag traffic to his website in 2009.

Another reason this might have been an issue is because Fitty specifically bought this tape because it features his Rival’s ex and baby mama.

And even though the tape is doctored, 50 Cent is being accused of “describing her private parts in an intimate way that none of us would want to happen”.

Leviston has revealed that the release of the sex tape drove her to the brink of suicide and is now suing 50 Cent because it is a violation of her civil rights.

This would not be an easy one though, because asides being a long court battle (this has been in court since January) 50 Cent’s lawyers are saying that “Her life is better because she filed this lawsuit against Rick Ross’ rival.”

However, Leviston might be Rozay’s ex and 50 Cent might have allegedly used the tape because he wants to get back at his rival but Leviston didn’t make the tape with Rozay, she made it with a guy she dated after him who then sold the tape to 50 Cent.

Yeah, sounds like a messy soapy drama.

50 Cent, now you have 99 problems and a bitch is certainly one of them.



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