Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Records Huge Success At Box Office

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Despite much pessimism about its opening, Pixar‘s Inside Out has done very well at the Box Office.

Inside Out made off with $91.06 million in its opening weekend, second to Jurassic World, which made $102 million in its second weekend.

Inside Out made a further $41 million in the international market, pushing its weekend opening to $132.056 million.

The opening is the second biggest ever for Pixar behind 2010’s Toy Story 3, and the biggest ever for an original film.

It’s also the biggest opening weekend to not top the box office, beating the $68 million of previous record holder The Day After Tomorrow.

Its records don’t stop there, as it’s now the 4th biggest animated debut ever, behind Shrek the Third ($122m), Toy Story 3 ($110m), and Shrek 2 ($108m).



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