PHOTOS: President Buhari Departs Abuja For G-7 Summit In Germany

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President Buhari has left Nigeria for Germany, where he is expected to attend the G-7 submit in the southeastern state of Bavaria.

The ex-military dictator now born-again democrat jetted off the country on Sunday morning for the summit which is scheduled to hold from June 7 to 8, 2015.

President Buhari would not be participating in the main meetings, since Nigeria is not a member of the G7 group.

He is in a group of seven other Heads of State who were called in as guests.

The invitation was extended to President Buhari, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel even before he was sworn in on May 29th.


Below are the photos from his departure earlier today.



buhari germany


buhari germany2


buhari germany3


buhari germany4



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