Oxford Dictionary Adds ‘Photobomb’, ‘Sext’, ‘Twitterati’, ‘Sh*tshow’

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500 words have been recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The dictionary which was first published  in 1911 is one of the largest language research projects in the world and the ultimate guide to the ever-changing English language.

Here are some of the new additions which include popular slangs; Photobomb, Handsy, Sext, etc.


‘Twerking’ Goes Back Almost 200 Years, Oxford Dictionary Editors Say


FOMO: Fear of missing out

Freegan: Someone who eats thrown away food as they hate waste.

E-cigarette: Cig-shaped battery powered device containing nicotine.

Twitterati: People on Twitter with more followers than you’ve had hot dinners who bung up your Twitter feed with constant tweeting.

Webisode: Short video of a TV programme shown online.

Hyperlocal: Really, really local.

Crowdfund: To fund a project from lots of people who usually donate small sums online.

Sext: Where people text sexually explicit material

Go-juice: What you might call your morning cup of coffee to give you energy or fuel for cars and planes

Backronym: Similar to an acronym, but where the words have been deliberately chosen to fit initials.

Multi-starrer: Film with ensemble cast featuring lots of A-listers.

Jeggings: Designed to look like jeans but have stretch in them like leggings. Unlikely to cut off circulation like skinny jeans.

Tenderprenuer South African term for person in government who abuses power to get government contracts.

Photobomb The term, which means to insert yourself into someone else’s photo, has only just bombed its way into the OED.

Auto-tune Device used to correct out-of-tune vocal performance.

Handsy: The term to describe someone who’s frisky and can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Sh*tshow: The not very pleasant term used to describe an event or situation that is chaotic or controversial.





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