O-Town: “I Shot Countless Short Films That No One Will Ever See.”

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O-Town is C. J. Obasi’s sophomore feature film, which tells the story of a young man, who aims to climb the ladder of the small-town criminal underworld to become the boss of all; but not when there’s a suave-mannered kingpin simply known as The Chairman, who is running things …

According to Obasi, “It is a crime-gangster thriller … a semi-autobiographical tale because it draws from some of the crime stories I knew and heard; growing up in a small town called Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. It’s also my exploration into genre Film-making, where I explore basically my love for film. It’s the kind of film any cinephile or film connoisseur will go in to see and go “ah hah”. But in my classic style, I don’t take myself too seriously, so it’s also a very fun film. It’s like Ojuju in that regard: serious, but fun.”

Ojuju is Obasi’s yet-to-be released first feature film, which gave him The Trailblazer Award at the 2015 AMVCA and won the Best Film from Nigeria at the 2014 AFRIFF.

Obasi also revealed in a chat that in the process of teaching himself Film-making, he shot countless short films, which no one will see because it was in those short films he made all his mistakes; learning through trial and error.

Below are behind-the-scene pictures and stills from O-Town:

otown360nobsChairmen-limo_00000 otown360nobsChyke-2Girls_00000 otown360nobsChyke-2girls-2_00000 otown360nobsChyke-studio_00000 otown360nobsChyke-studio-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-3goons-fence_00000 otown360nobsCJ-3goons-street_00000 otown360nobsCJ-3goons-street-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-3goons-street-2_00000_1 otown360nobsCJ-backing-steadicam_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club-3_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club-4_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club-5_00000 otown360nobsCJ-club-6_00000 otown360nobsCJ-dark_00000_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Delvin 2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Delvin 3_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Delvin_00000 otown360nobsCJ-directions-firstroll_00000 otown360nobsCJ-dolly_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Ebuka-Solo_00000 otown360nobsCJ-first-roll_2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-gogo-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Ifu-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-igloo_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Jean_00000

otown360nobsCJ-Jean_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Jean-street-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Kalu-Concorde_00000_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Kalu-mansion-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Kalu-Stand_00000 otown360nobsCJ-keke_00000 otown360nobsCJ-mansion_00000 otown360nobsCJ-MM_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Muri-MM-Murphy_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Oge-day1_00000 otown360nobsCJ-read_00000 otown360nobsCJ-sitting-mansion_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Solo_00000 otown360nobsCJ-street-2_00000 otown360nobsCJ-tripod-dolly_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Tunji-Club_00000

otown360nobsCJ-Tunji-street-steadicam_00000 otown360nobsCJ-Tunji-wilderness_00000 otown360nobsCJ-watching-street_00000 otown360nobsDelvin leaning_00000


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