#NollywoodMovie: The Changer

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The Changer tells the fascinating story of Winnie; an innocent poor girl who has the hunger for education and intends to make a difference, but her dreams are thrown to the dogs as her wretched and drunkard father marries her off to an influential ritual killer in a bid to offset a N10,000.00 (ten thousand naira) debt. Her attempt to break loose results in grave consequences as she faces unimaginable challenges.


Some of the notable actors in the movie include: Kalu Ikeagwu, Uti Nwachukwu, Seun Akindele, Segun Success, Joy Success, Lawrence U. Lawrence just to mention a few. Some up-and-coming stars also aided the success of this spectacular piece of art, namely: Princess Okah, Victoria Ubani, Joy Akamgba, Stella Emmanuel, Justice Slik and a host of others.

Pictures from the set of The Changer:

changer360nobschanger360nobs_G5A3698 changer360nobschanger360nobs011A3817 changer360nobschanger360nobs011A4193 changer360nobschanger360nobs011A4297 changer360nobschanger360nobs011A4791 changer360nobschanger360nobsAkpan changer360nobschanger360nobsBegger's children changer360nobschanger360nobsBiodun n Winnie changer360nobschanger360nobsDir. Fortune n Joe changer360nobschanger360nobsDr. Nelson (2) changer360nobschanger360nobsDr. Nelson in action changer360nobschanger360nobsDr. Nelson on a dry run changer360nobschanger360nobsDr. Nelson changer360nobschanger360nobsEka changer360nobschanger360nobsEze Idudukomini changer360nobschanger360nobsFemi and Akpan changer360nobschanger360nobsFemi, Winnie n Joe on set changer360nobschanger360nobsFemi changer360nobschanger360nobsFL, Winnie, Grand ma, Femi n Joe changer360nobschanger360nobsGrand ma changer360nobschanger360nobsIchechi (winnie's dad) changer360nobschanger360nobsIchechi in trouble changer360nobschanger360nobsStella changer360nobschanger360nobsWinnie hidding from mum changer360nobschanger360nobsWinnie n Joe


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