#Nollywood Movie: Oloibiri

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Oloibiri, one of the most anticipated films of 2015, is an action thriller; which narrates the tale of Gunpowder (RMD) and Timipre (Olu Jacobs), two natives of Oloibiri, the town where oil was first discovered in commercial quantity in Nigeria.  Gunpowder engages in violent struggle in protest to the squalid living conditions in his community despite their oil wealth; accusing Timipre’s generation of doing nothing whilst their land was exploited and plundered.

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Ivie Okujaye, Ifeanyi Williams and William R. Moses also star in Oloibiri; directed by Curtis Graham, produced by Rogers Ofime and written by Samantha Iwowo.

Below are behind-the-scene pictures and stills from the movie:

oloibiri360nobsChisom and Boname in kitchen oloibiri360nobsDSC_0049 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0085 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0601 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0977 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1134 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1448 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1456 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1493 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1578 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1629 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1657 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1682 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1706 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1747 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1853 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1903 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1983 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2018 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2348 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2366 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2405 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2529 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2568 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2722 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2780 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3154 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3624 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3689 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3691 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3798 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4699 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4756 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4859 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4862 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5066 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5196 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5210 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5211 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5229 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5525 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5558 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9476 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9744 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9812 oloibiri360nobsGunpowder and a victim oloibiri360nobsPowell in Canada oloibiri360nobsPowell oloibiri360nobsTimipre, Chisom and Boname oloibiri360nobsTimipre, Chison and Boname oloibiri360nobsYoung timipre and dying wife oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre at Funeral oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre kisses dying wife oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre

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