Nicki Minaj Is Hot In Denim Bikini

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Nicki Minaj

We bet Meek Mill’s anaconda wants a whole lot of Nicki in this denim combo.

Yesterday, we reported Nicki’s fashion statement when she paired a denim shirt with denim jacket while out and about and today, we have brought to you for your viewing pleasure, a hotter picture of her in denim bra and high waist shorts.

Nicki, while on set for a photo shoot, posed in the pool while letting out all of her sexiness in this beautiful and hot piece.

Check on the photos…

Nicki Minaj  Nicki Minaj 2  Nicki Minaj 3

Nicki Minaj 4  Nicki Minaj 5

The two piece is from Nasty girl. Just in case you want to grab a pair.


Images: Mail Online



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