Neymar Defends Dismissal: I Get P****d At Weak Referees

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Perfect diva behavior. Couple of weeks ago, Ballack referred to the three front Barcelona men as divas. And Neymar is pulling off a classic diva behavior.

Divas never take responsibility for any wrongdoing and Neymar is not remorseful after his lack of sportsmanship, which he displayed in Brazil’s loss to Colombia.

Murillo supplied the lone goal of the match as Colombia won the heated match by 1-0. The drama didn’t start until after the match, which saw Neymar and Bacca get the red card.

Neymar however wouldn’t take responsibility for his erratic behavior and blamed referee Enrique Osses.

Neymar drove the ball into Colombia full-back Pablo Armero, who then dramatically fell to the floor. As a footballer being dramatic is part of the job.

Murillo tried to calm the Brazil captain down but the Barcelona attacker responded by appearing to attempt a headbutt on the matchwinner.

Colombia striker Carlos Bacca then got involved, pushing Neymar in the back, which sparked a mass brawl involving more players, substitutes and backroom staff.

After all this, Neymar blamed the first official still.

“The rules are always used against me,” Neymar told SporTV. “They clean the disappearing foam and do not receive yellow but I do.

“The ball was in my hand but it was not intentional – I was falling – and received yellow.

“Things happen. Put a weak referee to referee and this happens. Nothing made me crazy. I just get p****d with the referees who don’t whistle right.”

Neymar will now definitely miss Brazil’s final group game, against Venezuela on Sunday, but his suspension could be lengthened when the Copa America’s disciplinary panel meets on Thursday to discuss his dismissal.



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