‘My Date With Praiz Was Romantically Funny’ – Kiki Shares Her Encounter With The Singer

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It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon,the birds were singing, had butterflies in my tummy,I mean I was having a date with Praiz, it’s only unusual.

The date was at the the lovely red vellvet grill and lounge and there he was in all his glory,with a warm smile and welcoming aura,it’s a miracle I didn’t trip over.





We introduced ourselves and I was struck by the kind eyes,plum lips I just kept staring, momentarily love struck. We got seated and the date was in full motion. It was so easy getting into a conversation.






Let me be so kind to give you an exposé on Praiz, He is very polite and attentive,he took care of me through out the date,asking if I needed anything at every point in time, and it was easy to assume that we had known each other way before and were just catching up.

He is a clown, and that’s one of his many charms,my goodness,I practically laughed through out the date. When it comes to food,never seen anyone talk about rice with so much passion,he loves rice.









What I admired most was,he obviously had other business and meetings to attend, but as a true gentleman he gave me the time required.The date wasn’t rushed and that made it all the more lush to sum up the date,I went to meet Praiz the musical sensation,and I left knowing Praiz the extraordinary gentleman,kind,warm and funny.





To the fans out there,expect more from Praiz,he definitely exceeds expectations.

I am using this medium to give a big shout out to the 360nobs crew; Juliet you were amazing, Buchi director international bless your heart,the X3M music crew thanks for the love and warm welcome. to Praiz thanks for choosing me on this wonderful date and finally to the Igwe himself Noble,thanks for providing the opportunity.


My name is Kiki Ukpo,winner of the 360nobs win a date with Praiz.





Images: Richie Anazie

Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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