Mugabe’s Stepson Receives No Jail Time For Killing Man With Car, Fined Just $800 Instead

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Its no news that the rich and powerful get away with any crime including murder or in this case manslaughter.

According to BBC Africa:

The eldest son of Zimbabwe’s First Lady has been fined $800 after being convicted of manslaughter.

Russell Goreraza, the stepson of long-time leader Robert Mugabe, knocked down and killed a man in Harare, the country’s capital.

The judge said he had decided against jailing the 31-year-old — and taking away his license — because of the defendant’s remorse.

Goreraza was also a first-time offender.

“I regret and want to apologise for the incident,” he said in court.

The BBC claims the lenient sentence has shocked many in Zimbabwe.

Two-year prison sentences have been handed down in similar cases.

The accident happened in February.



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