Move Over Rihanna, Beyonce Killed The Denim Look

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Rihanna might be turning up on red carpets with her pretty denim look but King Bey be killing ’em on the gram and everywhere else… including her website!

Beyonce shared the picture of her in a denim ensemble on her website and even though we are still in love with Rih’s denim look, this one is giving us life.

Or what do you think?



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  1. Beyonce needs to stop chizzling away the fat from her thighs and stomach and having it injected in her ass. At least Rihanna is 100% real….body on point. No doctor appointments for sculpting. Beyonce’s ashamed if what God gave her. She’s big-boned yet insist on making her waist a size 2. Money can buy a lot of lavish things but it will never bring pure happiness… no matter how much she put on fake smiles. I’d rather be poor or live pay check to pay check than to have to alter myself to the point where it looks deformed… not believable Bey. I use to be a huge fan, that’s when she was 100% real. The Bootylicious days. Those days are no more…..been gone for years now. Too many celebrities worried about body image. It’s sad. So, rock your demin Bey. Rihanna will forever and always look better in hers because she’s comfortable in her own skin. This is my opinion which I’m entitled to.

  2. The Rihanna’s of the world know that all work and no play makes for a DullesVille life. What’s the use in living if you can’t enjoy yourself, and the life you was given. Why do we always have to try and copy Others Ms Beyonce, Why?
    Rihanna is foot loose and fancy free, and could care less about what others say about her, are who they want Her to be, while they remain the same. What is it about Rihanna that keep so many up in arms, in the first place. She’s a Young Woman who came from very Humble Beginning to reach this point in life, where she’s World Renowned , and a International Mega Artist.
    People are always comparing her to Beyonce, why don’t they compare all if the Destiny Child stars Against the World Renowed B00tyShaker~

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