Money Doesn’t Drive Me: Khedira Says He Didn’t Leave Madrid For Money

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It’s Khedira again and no its not a pity party. I don’t get, can’t a player leave a club for nothing other than money?

Now Sami Khedira is being accused of being a sellout, joining Juventus for the money. Well the German midfielder has something to say. Apparently he was offered a lucrative contract at Real Madrid, but instead opted for Italy.

The new Juve man opted for Italy, seeing as he was surplus to requirements at the Bernabeu and will just keep warming the bench if he stays.

“It hurt me when people said that,” the 28-year-old told Welt am Sonntag. “Real Madrid offered me a huge contract – one in which I could have eventually earned more. My decision to leave was not about money.

“You cannot accuse me of acting in an unfair or improper way. At one point I told my agent, Jorg Neubauer, who couldn’t be a bigger Real Madrid fan, that I wanted a change. I was tired, because in the end it was all extremely stressful.

“However, I have to say they were five fantastic years.”

Khedira admitted the expectations of playing for Madrid were at times difficult to cope with but paid tribute to the club’s global appeal.

“This obligation of having to win everything at all costs is something I have never experienced,” he said.

“Real Madrid has an image abroad that words cannot describe. The club is a magnet. No matter where you are there will be thousands of people who are with the club.

“I have experienced it myself. When I look for a holiday destination I always look for a place far away. But no matter how remote the place is, in any corner of the world, people always recognise me.”



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