Messi So Naïve, Saying There’s No Rivalry With Ronaldo

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I don’t understand what Messi is saying. The Rosario-born footbaling genius claims there is no rivalry between him and Ronaldo.

I don’t think he understands. These two have been at the zenith of football for almost a decade now. They’ve shared the Ballon D’or amongst themselves for the past seven years.

You should observe and witness arguments men launch into when comparing these two players. Messi believes there is no rivalry and says he isn’t affected by what Ronaldo does on or off the pitch, probably why he has a crappy dress sense.

“There is no rivalry – it is just something that the media have invented,” the 27-year-old attacker told Short List.

“It’s not Messi versus Ronaldo; it never has been.”



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