Meet The World’s Biggest Plus-Sized Super Model, Tess Holliday

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Tess Holliday has been the face of multiple high-profile fashion brands, been featured in Italian Vogue and boasts a loyal following of more than 850,000 users on Instagram.

The largest model who wears an Australian size 26 and weighs over 110 kilograms is the first to be signed to a mainstream modelling agency, Milk Model Management.  Holliday is the face of a new wave of women eschewing the traditional rail-thin model mould and embracing their bodies the way they are.

Los Angeles-based Holliday describes herself as an activist, aiming to change the way the fashion industry makes women feel about themselves.

“I’m a plus-size model and body positive activist, which basically means I talk about issues with body image, and how media and society play a negative and positive role in our lives and relationships with our bodies,” she said.

“I started my body positive movement Eff Your Beauty Standards as my ‘Eff You’ to the ‘rules’ of what plus women are told we should and shouldn’t wear.”

The Eff Your Beauty Standards movement has been a runaway success, with thousands of people sharing photos online using the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards.

The movement encourages embracing your looks and defying traditional beauty norms, celebrating curves, body hair, tattoos and bold fashion choices.












Images: abcnews

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