Meet The Guy Who Got His Lips To Look Like Kim’s And Who Might Get Serious Health Issues For It

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Some people take the love for their idol too far.

Meet Jordan James Parke, the guy who loves Kim so much he got his lips to look like hers.

While undergoing cosmetic surgery to look like your idol is not exactly a new thing, going to the extreme might prove to have bizarre and unhealthy results.

Jordan’s lips has started swelling and leaking due to a cosmetic procedure he underwent just to look like Kim Kardashian and now, he has to see a Doctor to fix it before things become too risky.

And guess what? Jordan’s fear is not the leaking lips!

It is that his lips might reduce and he won’t have the Kim Kardashian lips he so wants anymore.

Crazy right?

Well, he has also been quoted to say he does not care about the attention the lips is getting because no attention is bad attention.

And he loves the one he especially gets from men.

Alright, Jordan.



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