Meet Terrence Howard’s Baby Boy, Who He Describes As A Mythical Half Lion, Half Dragon

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Terrence Howard welcomed a baby boy about a month ago and the little one is already taking after Daddy in the looks department!

Terrence shared this photo of his son on Twitter and it has to be the most beautiful picture we have seen in a while.

Terrence Howard and baby

Terrence, who is a Grandfather to his daughter’s baby, welcomed the adorable baby with his wife, Miranda. The baby is named Qirin love which Terrence says is derived from a Chinese myth.

Terrence shared this picture on Twitter and captioned it, “A mythical ½ dragon ½ lion who glides above the land so as not to harm even a blade of grass… meet Qirin Love!”

While the name might be unusual (which is not a surprise in Hollywood, I mean there’s North and Blue Ivy and a whole list of unusual celebrity baby names), that baby is beautiful!



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