Meet Joseph Hughes, The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Wants To Be A Girl And Is Not Afraid To Show The World

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A nine-year-old boy who has wanted to be a girl since he was a toddler has found the courage to step outside as ‘Ellie-Jo’ for the first time.

Joseph Hughes is now hoping to return to school as a girl in September after finally walking outside dressed as a girl with his proud family by his side.

Joseph has loved wearing dresses for years and this year asked for a wig for his birthday – but until now has only felt safe to wear female clothing in his own home.

The North Wales Daily Post reports his mum Sam has agreed to show Joseph’s story so he can act as an inspiration for others.

The mum-of-six from Rhyl, north Wales said Joseph has wanted to be a girl since the age of two. Instead of toy soldiers and trains, he asks for princesses and dolls for Christmas and birthdays.

Inspiration right?






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