Mainz 05 Put Gonzalo Jara Up For Sale Over Copa America Behaviour

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Chile‘s Gonzalo Jara earned himself infamy after his theatrics got Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani sent off in their Copa America match, and his club side Mainz 05 want no part of it.

Jara had fallen to the ground theatrically after Cavani had seemingly slapped him, leading the referee to send him off for a second bookable offense.

Replays showed that Cavani didn’t touch him, and that Jara himself had caused the incident by sticking his hand in the PSG striker’s butt.

In an interview on Friday, Christian Heidel, Mainz’s sporting director had revealed his disgust at the behaviour.

“He knows that if an offer comes, he can go,” said Heidel.

“We do not tolerate that. More than the prod, however, it is what comes afterwards that makes me angry. I hate theatrics more than anything.”



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