Luis Enrique Hits Back At Chiellini, Says Messi Will Score That Goal Anywhere

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Luis Enrique believes that Messi will be able to score the same goal he scored against Athletic in the Copa del Rey final against any team in any league.

The Argentine forward meandered his way between three Athletic players before topping the fine performance with a spectacular goal.

Chiellini though, has said that Messi will not be able to replicate that same performance in Italy.

However, the Barca boss told reporters: “I think he can do it in any circumstances, in any league in the world.

“Messi is the best player in world, in history probably. Messi, since he [came to Barca] has adapted to a way of playing that benefits him.

“His team-mates are of the highest quality and he has been playing from early on with players who enjoy the game.

“They are not so physical but they play the ball, this is the idea we have here and I’m sure it has contributed to his success.

“He is the best in world but his environment is extremely beneficial for him.”



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