Lil Wayne Says Birdman Is Incompetent And They Might Be Losing Nicki And Drake

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Forget the header, Lil Wayne actually has reasons to worry.

The Rapper who has been having issues with Birdman, even going to Twitter to vent, seems to be really angry at Birdman.

Safe to say the fight might not be ending soon.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has called Birdman “incompetent” and because of that, Nicki Minaj and Drake are about to leave.

Drake and Nicki are two of the hottest selling Rappers in the game right now, so there’s no need explaining how much money would be lost if these two actually leave.

Lil Wayne has thereby filed new documents in the lawsuit against Birdman.

This does not look good at all.

In the past, Tyga and Nicki have publicly pledged their allegiance with Lil Wayne so we at least know where those two would pitch their tents when this ship goes down.

Because it just might be going down soon.



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