Like Seriously Who Wears Heels To The Beach? Nobody, Except Kylie Jenner Of Course

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Leave it to the Kardashian/Jenner clan to do the unbelievable.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga’s barely legal girlfriend went to say hi to her 25 year old boyfriend while he was shooting a music video with Chris Brown and she went there wearing this

Kylie Jenner on the beach 3 And then someone had to literally carry her like this…

Kylie Jenner on the beach And then had to walk all through the beach with her shoes in her hands…

Kylie Jenner on the beach 2

It’s okay guys, she’s only seventeen…



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  1. Have lived at the CA beach my entire life and have never seen anyone this stupid. Know that normal people there laughed their butts off and made a lotta fun of this idiot.

  2. Yeah, she’s from another planet. Seriously, she’s 17 right? What is up with that huge ass? No white girl that age has an butt like that. Needs it’s own zip code.

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