Latest Reboot In Town: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Kindergarten Cop’ To Get Remake

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Whether it’s due to a lack of ideas or the top brass are just feeling nostalgic, almost every movie in Hollywood these days is a reboot of a classic.

The latest of such films to be rebooted is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 90’s classic, Kindergarten Cop.

Universal Pictures is said to be in charge of the movie, with Michael Don Paul directing and and American Pie writer David H. Steinberg in charge of screen play.

The movie’s synopsis is: “The leading cop with will be paired with an Indian sidekick named Sanjit. Instead of hunting down a criminal’s ex-wife, it’s tracking down a lost flash drive…that finds its way to a kids’ classroom.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger will, however, not be appearing in the reboot.

Are you excited? Which classic movie do you want rebooted?



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