Late Famous Designer, Oscar De La Renta Left His Only Son Almost Nothing In His Will

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Moises is Oscar de la Renta’s only son whom he adopted after his late wife’s demise in the eighties.

Last year, the fashion wife suffered a blow it is yet to recover from, when the news of the demise of one of the world’s greatest designer, Oscar de la renta was announced.

And celebrities all over the world poured out condolences, reason was not farfetched, the man was a legend in the fashion world and he had dressed people like Jackie Kennedy and even Princess Diana was a huge fan of his.

However, months after he passed, it has been made known that the late great designer, left his son very little out of his million dollar fortune.

And guess what the reason was?

Moises, some ten years ago, tried to start his own line for women but clearly, Daddy was not excited about his little project.

And so, Oscar was angry and they had an issue about it.

And even though the line never really picked up and nobody knew much about it, it is allegedly the reason Oscar left his son almost nothing.

He willed majority of the wealth to his second wife and only left his son the remaining which Moises would have to share with his father’s step children (the kids his second wife had before marrying him)

According to the will, if Moises contests it, he would lose the little he was left.

RIP Oscar.



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