#Ladies Only: 21 Amazingly Cute Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend (2)

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In the part 1 of this article, we gave an insight about some cute and fresh names which ladies can call their boyfriends. Some of these names include snookums, Honey buns and Love Muffin to mention a few. This second part contains some other interesting and eye catching names that are guaranteed to get your boyfriend swooning over you.

Prince Charming
This used to be the best name in the past as it gives off the impression of a prince coming to rescue a distressed princess.

Baby is the full form of babe and a lot of guys are comfortable with being called this anywhere.

Love is a pet name that is commonly used and it always never fades given that it is always special for the man you love.

Lover Boy
Well, lover boy has that adoring and sexy feel. It definitely springs a couple of nasty thoughts in men.

Sex Bomb
If you want a name that has sex written all over it, then ‘sex bomb’ it is. You might not want to call him this in front of his friends or family though.

If your man is the bomb in bed and is super sexy, this might be the name to tickle his fancy. This name will surely send a message across that your man stands above his peers.

Calling your man champ embodies a lot about his personality. If your man is the tough, strong and brawny type, this name definitely suits him. Also, if he is the type that has a “never say die” attitude, then ‘Champ’ is the way to go.

Gorgeous is the pet name that is guaranteed to be an ego booster for him.

Sweet Cheeks
This is a sweet pet name that should be reserved only for private moments between you two. You can go a bit sultry by giving him a tap on his ass.

My Heart
This pet name holds a lot of sentiments and romanticism especially if the both of you have gone past the stage where sex ranks top on the list of your priorities. It usually goes with the stage where you both realise that you’ve been together for quite sometime that you don’t think you could ever be OK apart.

My Man
“My Man” is simply honest and factual. It is a strong and assertive message that sends out possession and all the people around need to know.

This pet name suits your man of you feel he is awesome and your man is bound to enjoy being called a Superman especially if he’s in the midst of his buddies.

Well, we guess there is probably an endless list of names which you can call your guys but the question is will such names bring out more romance? Especially given the fact that men are often times un-romantic. Regular texting could help bring out his romantic and sweet side in ways you never thought were possible.
Hope these names can help, but what do you call your man?




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