#Ladies Only: 21 Amazingly Cute Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend (1)

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Some pet names are so old school and they would not generate the needed spark and smile on the face of your boyfriend. It is thus necessary to update your vocabulary with new and sexy names that are guaranteed to make your boyfriend swoon. Perhaps you’re just looking for adorable names that will get your boyfriend annoyed when you call him such in front of his friends or some which his family can use to tease him endlessly.

Almost everyone has a pet name which they call their lovers even if the name is only reserved for the inner recess of their bedroom. Pet names like “Baby” and “honey” get old and mainstream, then a girl has got to dig further to get newer and sexier names. Fear not as we bring to you twenty-one pet names which are guaranteed to make everyone else around you feel nauseated and annoyed.

This is perhaps one of the cutest pet names ever that a man or woman can call their better half. There’s a caveat here though, “snookums” is guaranteed to raise an eye or snide remarks from anybody around that is not in the relationship, it is sweet to say and also brings out the fun in you. Try saying it a few times and you’d see it has a way the words roll off the tongue.

Honey Buns
Well, what name can possibly be better than “Honey buns?” especially when you say it with a sensual smile on your face. If you’re dating a man with a good sense of humor, he will definitely love this and smile back at you which might perhaps lead to something more in the bedroom.

Sugar Daddy
If your Boyfriend is a Disco type of dude, then, “Sugar Daddy” is the name to call him. This is to say if he’s got a few years on you, then you’re sure to make him swoon on you when you call him this.

Love Muffin
Love Muffin is a sweet name that would surely get a eye roll from your friend as you call him with this pet name. This name achieves 2 things; it meets the sweetness standard your boyfriend needs and also guaranteed to annoy your friends.

Call him this just because he is.

Good Lookin’
This name will definitely boost your man’s ego especially when he’s around his crazy friends. The pet name to boost his ego – especially when he’s around all his hunky friends.

Sugar Pop
This is definitely the name to call your man to make him feel mushy. The name gives off an air of being in charge while also retaining the sweetness of a pet name.

This is surely the name to call your man if he’s the type that works out regularly or shows off his muscles. It would also help to call him this name if he exudes limitless self-confidence, especially if you love him for it.

“Romeo” is the name for the romantic guy and make him feel special by calling him this.

Sexy Devil
This is the pet name to call your guy when you’re in the mood for a bit of bedroom action and you want to call out to him in a sexy manner. Of course, it is essential you add a bit of seductive look and action to pass the information across.

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