Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend, Tyga In Legal War Over Sexual Battery Claims

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Tyga has been accused by a woman who claims he subjected her to sexual battery and then offered her $50,000 to nothing about it.
In her 2013 legal documents obtained by RadarOnline, model Allison Brown stated that, Tyga ”coerced young and impressionable under-age women to pose nude” at the L.A. video shoot for his song, ‘Make It Nasty’.

In December 2014, the suit was settled at a hearing and although the terms of the settlement were sealed at the time, they have been revealed in new court documents obtained by the media outlet.

According to the documents, Tyga offered to pay her $50,000 to drop all claims against him. By the terms of the agreement, the payment was supposed to be sent via wire transfer within 20 days of the document being signed.
The document was signed on January 26, 2015, but Williams did not receive any payment until February 2, when Tyga’s attorney emailed her lawyer and wrote ”$25,000 payment has been wired today to your firm’s trust account and you will receive it tomorrow. I am working on obtaining information regarding the remaining $25,000.”
Now, Brown claims she has not received the rest of the money. She has asked the court to force Tyga to pay up, and a hearing was set on June 29 about the matter.


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