Kylie Jenner And Tyga Go On A Lunch Date, Right After She Revealed She Has Been Bullied Since She Was 9

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If you think Kylie Jenner does not sometimes feel bullied by the comments and reaction she gets from  the world, then you are thinking wrong.

The 17 year old KUWTK star, revealed on her Snapchat that she has been bullied since she was 9 by the whole world.

Kylie was only Nine when the hit show premiered on E! and now she is saying that she has had to go through a lot of bullying since it started airing.

Kylie who went ahead to say her snapchat video “is not a pity party” seemed to be reaching out to the people who get bullied. She adds that people that are bullied should know that only their opinions matter and no one else’s.

Seems like Kim Kardashian’s little sis is giving life advice now. It was only yesterday we reported that her pal, Chris Brown was giving life advice to the crowd that showed up at his concert.

Birds of the same feather flock together, yeah? Or in this case, Celebs who give life advice when they seem to need it, roll together.

Check out pictures of Kylie on her sushi date with rumored boyfriend, Tyga, below.

PS: Would you rock the ripped top and jeans? Looks like a lot of ripping going on there. And Kylie recently mentioned Kim is one of her style icons, looks like Kanye (who is a huge fan of ripped everything) is a style inspiration to her too.

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Kylie and Tyga on lunch date

Image credit: Dailymail



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  1. Who paid for lunch? Anyway, if she would put the phone and computer away and stop sending out minute by minute pics of her whore outfits, parties and driving while taking yet another pic of herself, she might not find herself ‘bullied’ by the ‘world”. I send her a dare; Don’t take/send any pics or contact the media with “important updates” for ONE (1) week. DARE YOU KYLIE !

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