Kim Kardashian Thanks Kanye For Convincing Her To Open Her Gaming App Which Earned Her $85Million In Its First Year

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Behind every successful woman is a successful man.

Kim Kardashian might be controlling a successful business empire because of her mother’s great management skills and oh well, her naked body but, someone who is actually behind her recent biggest business move is husband, Kanye West.

At the Cannes Lion Festival, Kim says of her husband, “I thank Kanye every day”.

According to Kim, she was approached by the gaming company, GLU just after she birthed her first daughter, North.

Kim said she was being careful what she dedicated her time to but husband, Kanye, who according to her has always wanted to have a game for music videos (whatever that means) thought it was “the coolest thing in the world” and urged her to go for it.

She said as long as she had control over the character, what it would be wearing and saying, she could go for it.

Then she added, “I thank Kanye every day for making me do this deal”

She also told dailymail online that, it is so much fun playing dress up in real life and to have a gaming app doing that.

The game reportedly earned Kim $85 million dollars in the first year.

Now that’s some great business move.

Who doesn’t want a husband like Kanye.



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