Khloe Kardashian Instagrams A Picture Of Her Butt Out Just After The Sherri Shepherd Claims That Her Butt Is Fake

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Just in case you never heard of the Sherri Shepherd/Khloe Kardashian drama, here’s a quick update;

Sherri Shepherd twitted about people not being able to afford the type of Doctors their favorite celebrities go to for Plastic surgery and then, said she’d ask what Doctor Khloe got her butt from because it is clearly not from one of those “back alley doctors”. She copied Khloe in the post and her fans went in on her… hard.

Sherri who was not here for that type of life, told Khloe’s fans to take a chill pill and told them that she was not here for all that drama because she does not have the time and then again, insisted Khloe had work done on the ass.

This all came after Khloe went on social media to tell the world that she did not get liposuction as claimed by the media but that she works her ass off to get the body she has.

Sherri either didn’t see that or didn’t believe it.

But now, Khloe is sharing a picture but without saying much.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe instagrammed this photo with the caption, “Gym work!!! #Fitness”.

And like they say, a picture says a thousand words so maybe all Khloe is telling Sherri to do is to read?

Do you guys think Khloe’s ass is fake by the way?



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