Karma? Kanye West’s Performance In Glastonbury Is Rudely Interrupted

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Karma seems to still be in business. And guess who she is collaborating with this time? A comedian named Lee Nelson. And you want to know the venue of this collaboration? Kanye West’s performance of course.

If you would, let’s take a trip down to memory lane. Sometimes in 2009, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA award acceptance speech, saying she did not deserve her award and it was supposed to go to Beyonce.

<> the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City.


You would remember that the whole world got pissed, called him names and even Obama showed he was not team Kanye when he called him an asshole.

Again, sometimes this year, at the Grammys to be precise, Mr West pulled another Kanye by almost interrupting singer, Beck’s award win.


After those two major incidents, we concluded that either Kanye was an asshole who liked to express himself in the wrong way or, he was an asshole who liked to express himself the wrong way.

Now, it looks like someone is ready to serve Kanye a dose of his own medicine.

While performing to a crowd in Glastonbury in England, Kanye West’s show was rudely interrupted by a comedian by the name Lee Nelson.

kanye interrupted

Nelson who wore a shirt with the inscription “Lee-Zus” a mockery of the “Yeezus” name Kanye’s brand has carried for a while, brought his own microphone and performed before he was booted off the stage by security.

kanye interrupted 2 kanye interrupted 3

What is interesting is, before Kanye performed, a petition had been signed by over a hundred thousand people to remove him as the headlining act because he did not sing the type of genre the concert was about.

Kanye however seemed unperturbed by the interruption and carried on like a Pro. Because, show must go on.


Do you guys think Kanye deserved this?




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