Kanye West Wants You To Look At Him Like The Maid… Or Something Like That

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Re – introducing Kanye West, the king of confusing and eyebrow raising comments.

Mr Kim Kardashian might have made a few unexpected statements in the past, and so far, comparing himself to God might top that list but here he is with another surprise, this time he is comparing himself to a maid.

Or at least, wants you to see him that way.

Kanye while giving an interview, expressed his disappointment in how people wanted to limit his artistic control and expressions, saying he wants to be as big as Picasso or even bigger.

In his words, ‘If you want to put a box and a title on me, box me and title me as a servant, I don’t want people to look at me as a god. I want people to look at me like the maid, you know, that cleans your house”

Kanye also adds that people never told Leonardo Da Vinci what to think or say or where to stop, so why should they place a limit on him.

Fair enough.

Over the past years, Artistes have rebelled against norms and traditions, all in a bid to express themselves artistically and we would agree that this is one of the contributing factors of Art as an inspiration.

But the maid part, we don’t know.

PS: Notice where Kanye said he didn’t want to be seen as a god? Quite confusing as he has compared himself to God in the past.




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